4 Ways to Increase Your Curbside Appeal

With the spring selling season just around the corner and property markets looking very strong, many potential sellers are looking at ways to spruce up their homes.One of the best ways to entice buyers and make an immediate impact on the value of the property is to increase the curbside appeal of your home.

Here are 4 ways to quickly improve your property’s exterior.

Outdoor Dining/Living

As the seller, it’sin your best interest to help buyers see the potential of your home.Most people like to dine and spend time outside. If you have an attractive outdoor area or garden, adding a table and chairs is a simple way to show people how they can use that space.Do the creative work for them.

Tidy up the Garden

If you have a potential family home or even an inviting outside area, cleaning up the garden can make a huge difference.Pruning back trees and mowing the lawn is a great start and really adds to the immediate appeal of an outside area.On top of this, take a quick trip to your local garden center and grab some simple and cost-effective things – like pebbles – to use in areas that are a bit bare. Similarly, adding some pots of succulents can do a lot to make things look more aesthetic.

Paint the Doors

One of the most cost-effective ways to boost appeal straight away, is with a coat of paint, and the front door is a part of the home that often gets overlooked.A wooden door and even wooden window frames are ideal to paint; this gives the entrance a fresh and tidy feel when you first walk through the door.

Cleanthe Roof

A relatively cheap way to make an older house look newer is to clean the roof. While in some cases your roof can be painted, it’s time-consuming and expensive.A far better option, especially if you have a tiled roof, is to hire someone to clean it. Most professionals use high-pressure water to spray it down. This can make an ageing roof look new again, which will only add to the overall appeal of your property.


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